Monday, July 6, 2009

Tomica Lancer EX 2000 Turbo

Tomica, my favourite 1:64 diecast brand. I have been collecting Tomicas and they are my primary objective when hunting diecast around Japan. This particular model is the Tomica Event Model. I just removed the flat black paint on the hood with a nail polish remover, swapped the wheels taken from a Kyosho Skyline R32 ( poor kyosho). I enjoy modifying Tomicas especially the TLVs and the Tomica FJ Land Cruiser.

Here are the pictures and i hope you guys like it!


  1. Greetings Brian!! I'm danielh here. I love collecting japs car too and also some customizing works. Love ur makeover tomica lancer .Nice works.!!!

  2. Thanks Danielh! Nice to know you appreciated my simple mod work. I also did some modifications on a Tomica TLV Toyota Corolla 89 model, a Tomica TLV Corolla DX and a Tomica TLV Mitsubishi Galant GTi.

    I'll be sharing the pictures soon.

    PS: If you have a webpage pls send me a link so i can browse some of your colleection.

  3. Thanks Brian, my webpage is still new but you can browse some items here; or you can click my name above in the comments box. It will redirect you to my blog.

  4. wow and wow!! love the starting to collect jap cars..any tips you can give me..thanks