Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Corgi Ferraris, Made in Great Britain

I have always wanted to buy some vintage Ferraris but I seldom see them for sale here in Japan.  If ever I get to see them on display, the prices are astronomical and I just look the other way.   I have a few Corgis from the 70's and 80's but these Ferrari Corgis are the best in my lot.   If I  am not mistaken, these were made in the 60's and was still made in Great Britain.  I have a modest collections of Ferrari diecast from Bang, Brumm Auto Story, BBR, Make up models, Art models and Redline etc but these Corgis are my new favorite.   The real deal vintage diecast from the 60's.

I hope you guys like it the way I adore them.  Thanks for checking out my site!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya , Japan

I've always been planning to go to the Toyota Automobile Museum but I always end up going to hobby shops.  Today I decided to take the MAGLEV train and take the journey to the best retro classic cars ever under one roof, the TAM.

I was expecting the TAM to be full of Land Cruisers, Corollas and everything Toyota but  I was wrong, it was full of very rare and very important cars of the world.    As my good friend Frank would say, I had a sensory overload of all things retro.  This magnificent museum not only houses the most beautiful cars but everything important in the age of the modern machine.

Scooters, toys, pedal cars, cameras, clothing, special cars, and even an iron was there on display.  Truly a peculiar mish mash of everything classic is housed under one roof.

If you guys are in Nagoya, Japan the TAM is a must visit.

I'll be sharing some pictures and maybe I can entice you guys to come visit Japan.

Thank you guys for visiting my site!   Comments are always welcome!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Diapet Yonezawa, one of my favorite brands in 40ish scale finally gave me the break from collecting JDMs.  I am always on the lookout for these Euro cars but most of the time I get to buy the usual Diapet Minis or the usual Lambo supercars.   It was a welcome change to finally bag this very rare BMW 3.5 CSL in red, complete with a very pristine box and an A1 condition mint specimen.

This casting is very beautiful, well crafted and looks tough.  This toy was meant to be played with and good thing one collector saved this rare gem from a kid and kept the car in pristine condition.  Thanks to collectors like us, we safe keep the cool diecast of today and yesterday for the future collectors in the future.

These toys keep us young, at least young at heart.

Collecting these rare beautiful toys gives me joy, a special kind of high only a fellow collector would understand.   More to come soon.