Thursday, July 23, 2009

The joy of hunting for vintage diecast in Nagoya

I am always excited everytime I fly to Nagoya, the city is vibrant, the people are nice and there are a lot of nice places to go to. The most important for me are the hobby shops that cater to collectors who love vintage and Made in Japan diecast like me. This morning, I was supposed to go to Narita but I ended up here in the beautiful city of Nagoya, my favorite city in Japan.

These are the items I bought these noon and these items are gonna be discussed in detail in the coming days. The Diapets are special editions. The 25th Anniversary Ferrari Diapet really made me lust for an oldschool diecast. It is beautifully imperfect and I love it. The one on the white box is a Dandy Skyline.

A few Tomicas too and a Mr. Bean Cooper.

Detailed stories in the coming days :)

Thanks for visiting!


  1. i wish i can travel to Japan also, that is the most beautiful place I want to stay. The Japanese culture always interest me, there food are all my favorites and specially their toys!!!

    great catch Brian, would love to see that Diapet Ferrari soon! :-)

  2. Thanks Mike! if you ever decide to come over you can bunk in my hotel and sushi is on me :)

    Before the Diapet Ferrari, I'll intro first my Diapet lambo Countach LP500 and my latest Dandy Skyline.

  3. All the diecast here are gonna be with my friends in Manila and I'll just keep the 2 Diapets and the Tomica Dandy, the rest are gonna be with their new owners in MNL.