Thursday, July 30, 2009

updated version, SKYLINES!

I decided to add more pics to the slideshow, hope u guys like it!


  1. great skylines and greatslideshow too Brian! will take a look at animoto later

    thanks! :-)

  2. Thanks Mike! I saw Animoto being featured in BBC and I really think this would make the blogging experience a way lot better with moving pictures and sound.

    The Skylines are the actual pictures of my collection. I am not a Skyline collector but it seems little by little I am becoming one. I have about 8 Made in Japan Tomica Skylines and they are next on my list.

  3. more! more! more! Really nice slideshow Brian!
    Hope to see more on your docu-travelling pictures with some of your favourites car!

  4. Thanks Daniel!

    I appreciate your replies and post like yours encourages me to update my blog all the time.