Monday, July 20, 2009

Made in Japan and repaired in Manila

Last June 2009, I was able to chance upon an old building in Nagoya in Osu Kannon area wherein 4 old men were carting out some old stuff. Everything that came out of that building was for sale. If you like antiques this is like heaven and it really was. The gentlemen were rounding up some stuff and I saw this Ford Capri tin toy. I asked how much and the old man said Y100. I gave him a tiny coin and away i went. The paint is in good condition however the car looked like Godzilla had trampled over this poor car. Most people would say this is trash but for me It was more of a challenge( not trash but trashed!). As soon as i got home in Manila, I dismantled it and tried my best with a rubber mallet to straighten it. The scale is somewhat 1:12 and these rare toys are HTF now without rust. My specimen may not have value in terms of collectibility since this one was bent out of shape but me fixing it made it priceless.

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  1. Hey there, I also have Sakura, Diapet and some others too. Nice to see you here.

  2. Thanks for the welcome!Good to know you are also into oldschool diecast toys. Diapets, Sakuras and Dandys are great items to collect. I'll check your blog history and check out your vintage collection.

  3. good repair job brian!!!i can see this ford capri back to original are really good in this especially restoring some oldschool diecast/tin toys.

  4. Thanks Daniel! A little hammering will fix anything.

    I have so many items I wanna post and more to come in the coming days.