Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mercedes Benz 300SE by Revell

I got this cool 1:18 Revell from JDMike for a song and for that price, I can do anything on this cool ride and not feel guilty about it.  I have two sets of GMP mag wheels for 1:18s and I've been itching to install these shoes on my 18 scale cars.  The Ford Escort MK1 was a candidate since I have 5 Minichamps version but the wheels ain't a match, too big.  When this Merc arrived with tiny wheels and puny tires, I knew right away this was a good chance for a wheel swap.

I was just experimenting and I am not really expecting something nice to come out of it but honestly, I kinda liked the result, a FINTAIL BLING of sort,   a look more appropriate for an Impala than a Merc.

I know this ain't everybody's cup of tea but this my friend is my cup.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 by Husky of Great Britain

I am always on the lookout for a cool vintage die-cast.   I seldom buy die-cast toys in Manila because the stuff I want are not available locally. 

I always scour the vintage stores in Japan and hope to find some treasures.  It might seem crazy but I always open the drawers of old cabinets in re-use stores in Tokyo and hoping to bag some die-cast.   I've been lucky twice with those magical drawers and the owners usually give it for a song.   

This beautiful and very rare Aston Martin DB5 by HUSKY was sourced locally in Manila.  I've been on the lookout for this item  but I know that this item would be very hard to find.  I do check EBAY once in a while and I get astounded every time I see this price on this Aston Martin.  A whooping $300!  I know this might be a rip off but getting this for a mere $5 for a loose and near mint condition will do.   I even got a gift from JDMike, an Aston Martin by Corgi.

Looks like Manila is gonna be hot for some vintage hunting.   It's open season now!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Call the Police!!!!

I am here in Japan on a trip and my wife asked me to look for a nice LV Papillon bag size 26 and being the good husband, i went out to seek that bag.  However, disaster struck because it rained a little bit and i took refuge in a small shop and UNKNOWINGLY it was a vintage die-cast shop.  I just perused at some toys and after 2 hours of hard rain( of course I have to stay indoors) I decided to buy a few toys for their kindness in letting me in their store for 2 hours.

I bought a few die-cast and unfortunately I never found the big LV flagship store in Sakae, Nagoya.  I got lost and never found my my way to the bag store......
Will she believe me? hahahahhahaha!  I better cross my fingers starting today.

Anyway here are some of the mint vintage stuff I got for my myself.  A big 1:28 Eidai Grip Porsche 930, a big Diapet 240Z, a Yonezawa Hi=Ace, a Dandy Hi-Ace, 2 Yonezawa Toyota Crowns, 2 Yonezawa Fairlady 240zand a lonely Mazda Police.

I love Japan Made die-cast!


Porsche 930 in 28 scale by EIDAI GRIP

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