Saturday, November 28, 2009


A year ago, i was into a custom diecast and custom toy mode.  I always try to different and I want my collection to very unique that is why I commissioned the custom building of my ULTIMATE MEGATRON.  This build took a lot of man hours because of the complexity of the details.  I visited my modeler every few days to check on my DECEPTICON and I was very satisfied when I finally got it.

This used to be an ordinary plasticky TFTM Megatron and look at it now :)

My friends, meet my custom made battle damaged Decepticon, MEGATRON!

Monday, November 16, 2009


A year ago my daughter rode this 1:18 Hummer and eventually destroyed it. I almost threw it out in the trash bin but I decided to have my buddy modify it. I wanted a battle damage HUMVEE and i gave him instructions on what i wanted to come out and here it is!

My one of a kind 1:18 BATTLE DAMAGED HUMVEE.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Volkswagen Camper Van Crisis! Vintage tin toy Made in Japan

I saw the TV show Camper Van Crisis on Turbo Channel and this made in Japan tin toy reminded me of the show.  All the wheels were damage and I just replaced this one temporarily while I look for a replacement wheel set.  I dismantled the van a week ago and cleaned it inside out.  I sprayed the insides with a flat black paint to avoid more rust to form from the inside.  I also cleaned and re sprayed the chassis with flat black after removing all the surface rust. I also waxed this thoroughly to preserve the remaining paint on the body.

Some toys look better unrestored and for me this is a beautiful example of a weathered VW Van.

Thank you FRANK aka technophobia for this wonderful gift (he also gave me 8 other 40 year old tin toys which are very very mint and all are made in Japan)

Shot with Nikon D90