Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vintage Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1300 by Century/AMR/Danhausen

I love collecting Volkswagens but the casting of the VW Beetle is dime a dozen, all diecast manufacturers are sure to have their own rendition of the very lovable VW.  I have a good collection of vintage and classic VW Beetles but I have always wanted to get a Karmann Ghia casting.  I always try to get the rare items and I try to build my collection little by little by getting only the diecast that I really like.  The things I like are the rare, vintage and a bit hard to find.   I told myself before that if I concentrate on the vintage ones, i will only buy something like one or two diecast a month because of the rarity and the premium price these diecast commands.   I was wrong.  Here I am concentrating on vintage items and still buying something like 6 to 8 pieces a month.  I do not do ebay and I buy all my toys in Japan.  Sometimes the toys in EBAY are cheaper but I still prefer to hold, caress and bring home the item right away.  I cannot stand the wait of a package to arrive from another part of the world, the suspense would kill me!

Now, back to my recent treasure find, a very desirable, hard to find CENTURY VOLKSWAGEN KARMANN GHIA 1300.    I saw this box in one of my favorite hobby shop in Japan and I was curious on what was inside.  I asked the salesperson and he told me that the item is a very heavy 1:43 diecast, the same league as KAWABATAKIKAKU  models that I also love.  The Century model I got was quite unique, The casting was made in France by AMR Paris and then was shipped to Germany for assembly and detailing.   Hand made and hand assembled diecast is very special to me.  Most toys are made by machines but this beautifully crafted Karmann Ghia started as a block of metal in Paris and ended up as a beautiful handmade item finished in Germany.    This beautiful piece of work ended in Japan and probably stayed in a Japanese home for a while and now, this car is in Manila, where it will stay  with me for a long time( or with a very serious VW collector).

Enough with my story, here is the real deal.  My CENTURY VOLKSWAGEN KARMANN GHIA 1300 in 43 scale.  (PS:  the wipers are not yet attached to the model)

Andre-Marie Ruf (AMR)  in action

Coming soon in Diecast Japan!

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Brian Vespa

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Opel Rekord 1900 Coupe by Dinky Toys

I've been hunting for some oldschool JDMs but these cars are getting scarce and while looking for them, I saw this very special Dinky toy in very good condition and even the case was in great shape.  No cracks, with literature inside and the car is beautiful.  I was wondering if this car was released in Manila and a SMS message to Technophobia confirmed that this car was sold in the Philippines.   I now remember that our neighbor Mang Juan had this car in rusty orange.  

This is a rare diecast in very good condition and this will be flying home with me to Manila in the coming days.  I love this casting and I am very glad to have one specimen going to my personal collection.

BTW I also bagged a VW Passat Estate Wagon variant by Schuco and an AE86 by Mtech.  

Let's go RETRO!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vintage Formula 1 by Eidai Grip, Tyrell Ford 6 Wheeler

I've been eyeing this rare diecast in mint condition and my search for my very first big scale retro diecast in Formula 1 has finally been found.  This example is a big at 1:28 scale and heavy because of the 95 percent metal construction.  I found  this beautiful Eidai grip in Tokyo and after thinking for 5 minutes, I told the salesperson to bag it!  The opportunity to own this beautiful rare diecast may never cross my path again so i decided to bring this specimen home in Manila.

I hope you guys like it!  Comments and queries are always welcome!

                                                                    vintage look


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