Friday, July 24, 2009

Lamborghini Countach LP500 by Diapet Yonezawa Japan

Ah, the confusion i get every time I get to work. For the past few days all along my mind was prepared that I was going to SAIGON and when I checked my schedule, I was going to GUAM! Sometimes I just know what time to wake up and I forget where I am. All hotel rooms look the same to me. a

The good thing about this trip is that I was able to swing by Nagoya and that is where all the vintage die-casts are, few stops away from Kanayama and off to the hobby shops. I was able to bag some wallet devastating vintage models but the joy owning them gives me great pleasure.

From Nagoya to Guam to this blog, I present to you my Lamborghini Countach LP500 by Diapet Yonezawa. This iconic model has been to all the bedrooms of little boys in the 80's adorning their tiny rooms with the poster of this very exotic Lamborghini Countach. This model stood the test of time and still regarded as one of the greatest super cars of all time.

For vintage collector like me, Diapet has captured the beauty of this car in die cast form. What can I ask for? an Italian Super car, made in Japan and posing sexy in Guam Tamuning beach.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!


  1. yup i enjoyed that very nice countach and congrats to you Brian! :-)

  2. nice lambo , continue to show your nice car.

  3. nice lambo LP500!!!! one of my favourites. i have the tomica series but this make by diapet is much better. The side door can open upwards and i like this.Hope to see more of them Brian!!!

  4. thank you guys for the cool replies, i just arrived in KOBE and I might go diecast hunting in Sanomiya area. This area is new to me so I am still thinking if I should go.

    I wanted to open both doors and the headlight for the pics but I am afraid to damage the paint if I force it to open.

    I also have the Lambo Miura by Diapet, maybe next week I can share it here.

    Thank you for sharing my link to your friends and I am happy every time I see another visitor dot on my globe.

    Thanks again!

  5. Oh Brian... I am glad that we share the same sentiments on Diapet and vintage.

  6. You are right Jedison, check out my latest post. A 1:30 scale Diapet Fairlady.