Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diapet Yonezawa Mitsubishi Galant Sigma

I bought this rare Diapet Yonezawa Mitsubishi Galant Sigma a few weeks ago in Narita and I was so ecstatic to have finally bagged this cool JDM model. This was one of the few times I've seen this casting and i finally decided to purchase it. I hesitated a few years back into buying this model and when I decided to get it, it was gone the next day. The second time I saw the same model in a different hobby shop, in gave in and purchased it. I was so glad that I finally bagged this rare model. The old MADE IN JAPAN Diapets does not have the styrofoam to hold the models but a roll of ordinary foam to protect the model. This car came with the original packaging and the original foam. The model has minor paint chips but is negligible for its age. this one is truly a classic original JDM diecast.


  1. really love this 80's galant sigma of yours Bri!
    you lucky guy!

  2. nice galant, hard to get it here in Malaysia.Nice collection.

  3. Thanks Mike!

    Thanks DanielH! nice to know someone from Malaysia has seen my brand new page. Expect more from my site in the coming days, I have lots of pictures and stories to tell because i always document all my purchases in Japan with pictures.

    Thanks again!