Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Volkwagen Beetle Radicon , Made in Japan


Early this year on a snowy morning of January 2009, I chanced upon this very old RC made by Radicon in an old antique shop in Nagoya. I was very skeptical if I should buy it since this is an RC and not a diecast. It was so dirty and the dust was quite thick when i bought it. The only consolation was that the styro packaging was still intact and so was the controller. When i got it home in Manila, my wife commented that once again I brought home another trash from abroad. However as usual she recanted her comment when she saw the item after I detailed it and cleaned it from top to bottom. It was a diamond in the rough.

My friends, meet my 1:18 RC VW Beetle Radicon, Made in Japan.


  1. That is a VW treasure FOUND! Wow!
    You’re one lucky guy Brian.
    Keep those vintage stuff coming…for us drool about :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I second the WOW! LOL
    Congrats on an awesome find Bri, you really know how to hunt in Japan. =)

  3. Thanks Erwin! That VW is truly a treasure. Beetles are very irresistible to die cast and car lovers. These cars are so charming. I have been starting to rake up a good number of vintage VW diecast lately. I started with VW Jadas and eventually sold them all and searched for the right antique and vintage models.

    The VW Beetle is an automotive icon.

  4. Thanks Jovet! I actually just go to the Sunday swap meets( flea market) here in Japan. There are certain Sundays wherein a lot of vintage/antique items are being offered for sale in Nagoya. From vases to old pens, from metal dragons to vintage die cast. I just happen to love everything old and unique and I don't mind getting my hands dirty when perusing vintage items.

    A friend of mine once said that I am an old soul. Maybe I really am.

    By the way Jovet, I like your new site, much better than the old one. Congratulations!~

  5. hey brian, this VW are really cool! you makes initiatives to restore it to original conditions! bravo!!! my friend.

  6. Thanks Daniel!

    Very minor detailing on the cool VW. I just dismantled and stripped it then tried to clean every nook and cranny.

    For the past few weeks I bought enough made in Japan diecast to last a long time here in our blog.

    Yesterday I bought around 4 Dandy, 2 white metals and some Japan Tomicas.

    More to come soon!

  7. That is a very fine Rc Bug you got. A priceless catch indeed and worth keeping one. Congratulations! - VDubs

  8. Thanks Vdubs! Thanks for visiting my site. I know you collect lots of VWs and HTF Tomicas. I hope you liked all the VWs I featured in Diecast Japan!