Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Vespa?

My handle name has always been Vespa because these scoots are my other passion. The Moss Green with mod look and mirrors is mine, so is the Blue green Vespa with the Union Jack. The Lone Italjet Dragster with Lambo Orange is my garage queen.

These are my rides. 1:1 Italian beauties

More diecast stories in the coming days, this is just my way of introducing myself.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. awesome rides Brian! those Vespas are so appealing indeed. You're a cool guy.
    I like Italian two wheels....I'm though confined to a vintage Italian bicycle for now :-)
    BTW, Adidas sneakers came out with Vespa version!

  2. now i know why you use the name vespa.You looks great in the pictures!!!!! cheers!!

  3. Erwin, thanks for the nice comment :) I love the way Italians design their products. From kitchen appliances to their vehicles. Even Italian handcrafted diecast are to die for. I used to ride bigger motorcycles but the appeal of monstrous engines have reached the plateau for me. I enjoy Vespas visually and the ride is so oldschool, very mechanical and rough on the edges. Easy to maintain and troubleshoot too.

    I feel good every time I ride my Vespas and my Dragster. There are very few Italian scoots here in the Philippines and that is what made is so appealing.

    Kids wave and women dig Vespas because it is cute and not intimidating. I get more thumbs up on my scooters which i never experienced riding my big bikes.

    I'd love to see some pics of your Italian bikes Erwin :) I'll check you links.

    Thanks Daniel!!! Now you know why my handle name is VESPA.


  4. Brian here's the link of my vintage bike ;-)
    Old School is Cool, Enjoy!