Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rare 1:43 WHITE METALS and my latest August 09 hauls

August has been a good month for me, I was with my family in Tokyo for 4 days and after a week, I was able to acquire a few more cool MADE IN JAPAN diecast toys.

I am now bitten by the WHITE METAL/ANTIMONY bug. I can't help but hunt for these rare 1:43s. These die cast models are very simple in terms of detail but touching them, caressing them, gazing at them is a totally different experience. The weight is totally different than the usual 1:43 because everything is made out of heavy and thick gauge metal. The chassis, interior and everything else is made out of metal except for the wheels and the simple windshield. The boxes are very crude and simple, the models wrapped in oldschool foam and rubber band. Nothing fancy but they are brimming with character.

I believe no two models are exactly alike because these models are made by hand. Not the usual mass produced perfect models available everywhere.

Like I always say, these models are beautifully imperfect and I love it!

PS: The boxed items are some of my ANTIMONY MODELS and the other pics are my current MADE IN JAPAN hauls.


  1. The new models are suffocating inside their boxes...loose photos pls! lol

  2. nice haul brian!!!!!! your trip to japan never come back empty handed. These all are nice stuff. Hope to see more of these pictures!!!

  3. Those are plentiful Brian :-)
    You're killing us with suspense over the individual photos :-) very excited to see them.

  4. Jovet, loose photos soon! just wait for it. I enjoy blogging because of readers positive and cool comments.

  5. Thanks Erwin! Individual photos soon. I have some cool shots of another VW and that is gonna be my next post.

    Tomorrow I'll be back in Japan and some Diapets and lithographed tin toys are waiting for me.

    I hope to bag em asap. However the exchange rate is killing me, Y100 is P52.60 and that is a big jump from the usual rate.

  6. hey Daniel!

    More photos soon and I'll sure be sharing the new hauls with a detailed photo of each model.

    Thanks for always visiting my site!

  7. Ecellent haul! I have one of the Kawabata Crowns & wish I could afford more of them!

  8. Thanks Toyotageek for visiting! by the way you gonna love my latest TOYOTA haul. A nice and beautiful Toyota Corolla 2000GT in 1:43 scale, of course made in Japan. We had that car for years when I was in grade school.

    A hot Diapet Mitsubishi Galant E Sigma in white is also on its way to Manila in the coming days, they're all neatly tucked in my flight bag.

    I can't update my blog yet because I left my laptop at home and I am on my 4th day of a 6 day trip.

    Updates with pics soon as I land in MNL.

    Have a good diecast day!