Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1935 Model Datsun, Made in Japan

A few days ago, I saw this beautifully crafted 1:43 Datsun in an online diecast forum in MNL and I immediately bought it. I've seen this item before in Nagoya and I knew this was an important model. The seller only showed the picture and no description whatsoever. I got this rare Japan made Datsun diecast for a song.

These are the actual pictures I took this noon with the rest of my recent unique buys. I got quite a few hauls the past few day and I promise you August will be exciting for our blog.

Thanks for visiting my dear friends! I hope you can bookmark our site and I really enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Nice pics. brian!!! Your collection is getting more and more interesting.Hope to see more of these classic models in the future.

  2. Thanks Daniel! Soon I'll be including some Italian made models like BBRs and the like but Japan Made diecast will be the focus of my blog.

    I also have some one off 1:18 models customized by my artist with my instructions.

    more in the coming days!