Saturday, August 1, 2009


A few days ago in Manila, I showed this very beautiful made in Japan Toyopet Masterline in 1:43 to Manila's resident diecast expert, Atty. Frank Kho. He got wowed by the craftsmanship of this particular model and he also hinted that the model might be a WHITE METAL model. Upon further inspection, he noticed that everything was made out of metal including the seats and interior.

I love this model so much and I have to bring this car back to Japan, where it was made and stage a photoshoot in Narita. This is the story of the heavyweight Toyopet Masterline of KAWABATAKIKAKU.


  1. awesome classic car! thanks for sharing and have the opportunity to look closer.
    Brian, you're a pro in this area.

  2. Thanks Daniel!

    When i was a little boy in the early 80's, I had great memories with this car. My father had a blue Toyota Crown sedan like this one. I remember riding this big car going to the province with all the windows down cruising along North Luzon Expressway. This was our family car and i had a blast riding on the lap of my dad and me at the helm of the steering wheel.

    The good old days.....

  3. this was my dads first car, he had a white one and it was also my first time to try driving it in my elemetary days, which with me ending up in a part of a sidewalk hehehe!

    that model looks sharp Brian! congrats! :-)

  4. Wow! we had the same car when we were growing up. I still remember the scent of that car, the old car smell because of the organic seat cushions under the vinyl seat covers. I enjoyed that Toyota Crown and we had the biggest car in school. My personal favourite my Dad had was his ultra cool, sexy and loaded Yellow Mitsubishi Celeste with Personal steering wheel, Apache mags on Wide Ovals! I am dying to find the Diapet version of that car.

    I hope to find all the cars my family had through the years.

    See you soon Mike! I am on the lookout for the Lancer L type Rally version, I hope to bag 2 of that hehehe.

  5. Oh this is nice and also expensive. I think it is not a diecast model right but a more expensive material to manufacture it

  6. Stellar model! I think this is white metal and very charming at that, Congrats!

  7. Thanks Jedison :) It is a little bit more expensive than usual 1:43 but this model is more on the peculiar side as opposed to having the perfect stance and details of a BBR .(their prices are comparable). This is a WHITE METAL model.

  8. Erwin, you summed it up in one word to describe this model. CHARMING. I've been at loss for words to define the character of this model and you've nailed it.

    gracias por el comentario