Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Panning with my point and shoot camera

A few months ago I tried to do some panning with my point and shoot camera, not a DSLR. I was happy with the outcome and here are the results. The Ferraris are all Kyosho 1:18s and the Ford Escorts are Minichamps 1:18s.

I hope you guys like it! No photoshop was used in the shoot.



  1. this is great, brian!!!! how did you do that? i woukd like to learn from you, hehe!!

  2. Daniel, I'll post a link on how to do this. This took a lot of shots and the results were stunning.

    Thanks! I'll be back in Japan tomorrow and am sure to g get some cool white metals again or vintage diecast.

  3. I missed my flight going to Nagoya this morning. Metro Manila was inundated with heavy rainfall and the whole Metro was submerged in knee to waist deep high water.

    Too bad I was itching to buy some cool diecast in Nagoya. Maybe I'll have to wait for next month again.