Sunday, August 16, 2009

VESPA and family touring Japan!

I haven't updated my blog yet because I am a bit busy lately. I am still here in Tokyo and I brought my family for a 4 day visit here. I have a 4 day trip in tokyo and I decided to bring my girls with me since my trip is not really a busy one.

Any new rare model cars? of course! When we went to Disneyland, that triggered a detour to some fancy vintage diecast store and I bagged a very rare 1:28 Eidai Grip Mitsubishi Galant Lambda 2 door version. The car is mint in near mint box. One Kawabatakikaku and an Iado Nissan. Both are 1:43 in the very beautiful white metal.

Pictures of the car in a while and i'll just post my vacation with my family first. Work with a mini vacation and my girls flying with me completed this memorable trip. Tomorrow night we fly home to Manila.

This are some pictures I took this noon with my girls.



  1. Looks like you had a very nice time. Also cool looking model cars in the first picture :)


  2. Hehe, there is a big error on the box of the Galant. They wrote Garant. :D

    Brian, I have to say, that your site is super! The travelling die-cast is a big idea, and all your modelcars look perfect.

  3. Have a nice holiday, Brian!! And that's also nice haul in tokyo!

  4. Thanks Biggie!

    We sure had a very nice time. Weather was perfect in Tokyo for 4 days and we all enjoyed it. Of course I gotta detour for some cool diecast hunting.

  5. Tommi, good you noticed that. Most Japanese vintage models are notorious for wrong spelling like this Galant Lambda by Eidai Grip. Japanese have no L in their language so an L is read like R. Thats why Garant and not Galant.

    Thanks for saying that my site is super, I really appreciate that comment. More nice stuff in the coming days.

    Wait for my cool photos of my Tomica Dandy VW in Japan. I am sure you guys are gonna like it.

  6. Thanks Daniel! We had fun in Tokyo.

    The Galant made my heart skip a beat when I saw it.

    I hope get the wide body edition of the Galant Lambda soon.