Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Volkwagen Beetle with trailer by Midgetoy, Made in USA

I just got back in Manila last September 28, 2009 from a week of cultural discovery and I am excited to post some cool stuff I got in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of my friends are out shopping for GAP, Banana Republic, Walmart and touring the huge open air GATEWAY MALL. I did the opposite. I went out shopping for some antiques, hunted some cool vintage toys and went in a very hip bookshops and retro vintage die cast store.

I have discovered the mecca of antique vintage die cast cars and it was in Salt lake City, Utah. The very cool Jitterbug Antiques of Dee and Tami Jackman.

I just have to post some of the rare finds I got and here they are. I'll titrate the postings and I'll start with this rare VW beetle with trailer by MIDGE TOYS of ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS.

Here are the pictures!


  1. Hey guys, i know a lot of you are into Beetles and I hope you can identify the year this Midge Toys Beetle with trailer was made.

    The shop owner said it was from the 50's and maybe you guys can validate it.


  2. Hey bro, it's my 1st time to see and hear about that brand, congrats on another great vintage find! Here's a trick question, would you repaint or not?

    OT: How's your family after Ondoy? I hope they're all safe.

  3. Thanks Jovet for the concern, my family is OK and so are all my toys. I was in the United States in Utah when the flood tragedy struck and I was wondering why my mother was calling me on my cellphone. When i answered her call, she was asking for the location of all my keys for my display cabinets on the ground floor of my house. I asked why and she said that for some reason, flood waters are rising on the streets. My sister and my mom went to my house because they knew how much my diecast toys means to me. They saved all my toys to the 2nd level of the house just in case the flood water would come in. We are one of the few fortunate people who were not gravely affected by the floods. Our house was spared and the water only reached the front of our door, barely knocking to come in. All our real cars were spared too since we have an elevated garage.

    Thank you Mommy for thinking of my toys, Mothers knows best.

    Regarding repainting, I would keep them all in original unrestored condition and keep them as is. However I have 2 Tootsie Toys Mercedes diecast and they are identical in every aspect, I would repaint one of the cars.

  4. Congrats Brian! I dont think any diecast can get older than that, it looks much much older than some dinky toys i had. No repaints ha! :-)

    Glad to hear your family is safe too.

  5. Thanks Mike! I'll keep them as it is. No repaints for these classic beauties.

    I believe Frank aka Technophobia has some Tootsies and Midgetoys.

  6. nice find brian! infact i would rather keep this in original conditions even some of the paints chip off. The paint itself tells the age of this car and this is something special to valued it's present in your collection.

    looking at the current situation in your country, i'm glad that everything it's ok to your family, home and your collection.
    Hope that everything will be fine.

  7. Thanks Daniel!

    I won't repaint this beauty and will keep it as it is. I could only imagine the feeling of the little boy who first played with this toy. He is probably in his 60's now or older. The good thing is that the car and the trailer were never separated and the set is in fairly good condition.

    Thanks for thinking about the Philippines regarding the great flood of Manila. We are ok and we were spared.

    More updates soon!

  8. Hi. The folks at this website can probably answer all of your questions regarding Midge Toys:

    I hope it helps!