Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kawabatakikaku J-43, Toyota Crown 1974, Made in Japan

This is one of my latest Kawabatakikaku in very beautiful deep shine black. Still the same heavyweight 1:43 die-cast. I bought this car a month ago and I brought this car to Japan twice for a nice photoshoot but for some reason, the rains won't go away. TSA (xray airport guys) has been unkind to this die-cast because everytime my bag passes through the X-ray machine, my bags need a special screening due to the very solid metal mass in my bag. They find it amusing when they find out that it is a "toy". I just ask them to be very careful when handling my J-43 and they just stare at me like saying "it's just a toy". The guys think am nuts but hey, this baby is getting hard to find.

Here are some pics I took a few hours ago before I leave for Tokyo again later at 8 am. More hauls later.

Thanks for visiting! comments are well appreciated.


  1. this is a very nice addition to your JDM old skul collection Brian, congrats!! :-)

  2. another great addition to your 43 collection. i'm beginning to like them! Noooooo!!!! =)

  3. Thanks JDMike! I fell in love with the classics and there is no turning back. Japanese cars are very beautiful in it's own special way. I hope to get all the cars we owned from the 60's to present day.

    oldschool = old soul

  4. Jovet, when we see each other in the future swapmeets, i'll let you feel the texture, heft and craftsmanship of these KAWABATAKIKAKUs. Even the Tomica Dandy JDMs are nice to start with.

    bite the bullet and give in!

    I hope to see a 43 scale in Jovet's Garage soon :)

  5. LOL!

    Help me find a mint and reasonably priced blue Tomica Dandy Toyota Celica 1600GT Brian, then let's talk about 43s! ;)

  6. A blue Celica Dandy! I'll send you an sms if i find one by next week, will send you a message soon how much these Dandys cost. :)

    A month ago I saw a Tomica Dandy Celica with racing livery.

    See you soon guys!

  7. Nice addition brian! love the classic you've posted here.
    Hope to see mores!

  8. Thank you Daniel! I wish I can modify my cars like you do.

    More to come soon!

  9. Very nice old school Toyota Brian :) Like it !

    In little thumbnail photo it looked like a 64 Impala with those front lights... :) ahh... my imagination.


  10. Thanks Biggie! Soon am gonna post some cool Mercedes Diecast for you.

    Good you appreciate oldschool JDMs. Take care and keep on collecting!

  11. That sounds so cool Brian... I wonder what kind of Mercedes will it be :)

    Today I bought 6 different Mercedes-Benz diecast models & toys so I'm "good" for a few days :P

  12. Brian, everytime you post a new Toyota toy from Japan, I drool with envy! I love the Kawabata's and wish I could buy more.

    Yes, let Jovet hold one, and he'll soon turn to the 43rd side! LOL

  13. Thanks Biggie! Tomorrow I will be back in Tokyo and I will buy the cool Benz car I reserved and will stage a very cool photoshoot. Wait for it soon :)

  14. Thanks Toyotageek! I have a few more Toyota Kawabatakikakus and will post more real soon. if these kawabatas are affordable I would have bought more.

    Thanks for the cool comments!