Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty and Madness

I always have a camera in my bag. It has been my faithful companion for the past year. I brought my Tomica Dandy Beetle( Made in Japan of course) for this trip and the results were amazing. I was with the right die cast at the right time. I've been wanting to stage a unique photo shoot for some of my die cast and this was a great opportunity when I saw hordes of huge insects in the forest of Narita, Japan. These bugs are huge and I just stuck the Dandy there, shoot some quick photos and ran afterwards.

I hope you guys like the pics! The things i do for die cast..... :) Enjoy!

Brian Vespa


  1. the 1st few pics is .......eeekkkk!!! how did u accumulate those bug friend?

  2. Uniquely astounding shots! Yes… it’s Bug Porn (hehe) :-)
    You’ve outdone yourself on these photos Brian :-) Coooool!

  3. Thanks Hacken! I know these shots will make some people squirm but this Tomica Dandy is the Beetle King of Narita, Japan.

    I was actually just looking for some nice generic shots but when I saw these bugs near the entrance of the forest, I just kinda knew this would be a great shot.

    I think these bugs are Japanese giant hornets.

  4. Thanks Komenda! yeah, kinda like bug porn hehehe.

    Imagine if my die cast was a Shelby Cobra at that time....

  5. Bug among bugs!! this is really outstanding photo shot Brian!!!

  6. Thanks Daniel! I appreciate your comment. I am still thinking if I should upgrade my camera to a DSLR soon, maybe this Christmas I'll get one for myself.

    This is one cool BUG :)

  7. Amazing and Spooky photos! But I like 'em!

    BTW - the bugs are known as Cicadas, and those are the cast off skins of the young when they turn into an adult - you're probably familiar with the sound the adults make during the summer.