Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yonezawa Cherica Toyota Crown

Tomica Dandy VW with FIAT grill and a Mini Cooper Dandy


Rare mint in box Toyota Dandys

Tomica Dandy Toyota Crown 1971

Tomica Dandy Toyota Crown 1974

Tomica Dandy Toyota Celica 1600 GT

I arrived back here in Japan yesterday and was kinda sad because I cannot attend the Die Cast Collectors of Philippines Swap meet this coming Sept 20th. I always miss it but I always make sure to make up for the loss.

Do you think these buys made up for the loss for not being able to go to the swapmeet?

I think these buys made up for lost time. Damn! I love Japan!!!!

These cars cost me a small fortune but worth it.

Enjoy! better pics soon.


  1. Great acquisition mate!! How many you all together?

  2. I bought 5 Japan made Tomica Dandys, 8 Matchbox Lesneys Made in England, 1 Yonezawa Cherica Japan, 2 Tomica Landcruisers( not pictured) and a pair of Tomica limited JGTC autographed by both drivers, the Nissan Nismo JGTC 2004 and 2005.

    thanks for visiting my site Hacken! i do appreciate it. Thanks also for leaving comments. :)

  3. you dont see those around in our swapmeets hehe! those dandys are awesome and vhtf, congrats Bri!

    btw, is the ralliart white evo7 by epoch still there, the one you told me? how much is it in peso?

    and some good news, Aoshima will be releasing the Lancer EX Turbo (boxtype) in 1:43scale soon in 3 colors (white, black and red) please get me one (white) if you find it there already

    thanks Brian and congrats again! :-)

  4. Congratulations, Brian! Your latest hauls serve as a truly worthy consolation for not being able to attend the swapmeet! May your on-going diecast hunt in The Land of the Rising Sun continue to yield more and more awesome surprises! Cheers!

  5. wow, love those Toyota Dandys! you're really lucky to find those nice models in Japan. Congrats bro!

  6. Ohhhh..... I'm drooling at the sight of those Toyota Dandys! Very NICE purchases Brian! You are so fortunate to regularly travel to Japan. :)

  7. nice haul brian!!! like those toyota dandy, never seen this casting by dandy before! thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you Mike! good to know you liked latest buys.

    Regarding the epoch, it's gone now. Diecast in Japan does not stay on the shelf for so long especially the old releases.

    regarding the EX turbos, will check em next month because am going to UTAH on Wednesday for a week.

  9. Frank! (technophobia) welcome to my blog! You are my classmate in oldschool diecast collecting. Nice to know you like the hauls. See you Tuesday and check out these oldies.

    Welcome to Diecast Japan!

  10. Thanks Jovet! I am just a little lucky but there is always ebay. However the joy of walking around and hunting for diecast toys are very thrilling.

    Shopping for old diecast in Manila is close to zero lately.

  11. Thanks Toyotageek! Everytime i purchase some oldschool Toyotas I know at the back of my mind you are gonna love 'em. I appreciate your comments.

    more to come!

  12. hey daniel! you are right, these castings are seldom seen outside japan and it was also my first time to see them.

    These Dandys are a bit pricey and cost more than a bnew Kyosho 1:18s. I just have to get em or somebody else will get it within the day.

    more to come!

    believe it or not but my favorite of the bunch are the matchboxes from Lesneys :)

  13. Japan...nice trip. I just can't find any diecast store there, in fact went to Hokkaido. What I found there are just lovely CRABS!!! I love it!

  14. Seafood is the best in Japan! try to google Toyotageeks xanga site and you'll find the address and maps of Japan die cast stores.

  15. so much to like....WOW and super WOW!

  16. I am in Salt Lake City and found the vintage die cast heaven. Pictures soon!