Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mercedes Benz By Ichiko, Made in Japan.

I promised Biggie that I  am gonna post  a Mercedes benz for him.   This is a very rare and mint Ichiko tin toy from Japan.  This specimen is approximately 1:16 or bigger but maybe my good friend Technophobia can help me with establishing the  scale.  I purchased this cool ride yesterday here in Narita, Japan and later tonight it will be flying with me all the way to Manila.

I waited for a sunny afternoon to stage the photo shoot and good thing the sun was shining here in Japan.   I was actually eyeing a Diapet model from the 60s but with a staggering price of Yen 26,000 ($240) I have to say no even though the very RARE Diapet Nissan was mouth watering.

This post is dedicated to Biggie and Technophobia, Mercedes enthusiast.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my point and shoot.  i hope to upgrade soon to a DSLR Nikon for better blogging pictures.

Thanks for visiting and as always, comments are highly appreciated.


  1. Congratulations, Brian! What an exquisite find! The Ichiko tin model replica of a classic Mercedes-Benz you just purchased depicts a 1961-1972 W111 series 220SE/250SE/280SE coupe, or a 1961-1965 W112 series 300SE coupe, which are all essentially the same type of vehicle except for the hydropneumatic suspension on the W112 300SE variant. These legendary Mercs comprised the flagship "big coupe" line during the sixties and very early seventies, and their present collector values range from USD$20,000.00 to in excess of USD$50,000.00! From the looks of it, your tin toy is 1/14 or 1/12 scale. The Ichiko toy company also made the same type of Mercedes-Benz coupe in a truly enormous 1/8 scale, and its "license plates" identified it as a "300SE". While your newest miniature Merc obviously did not exactly cost in excess of USD$20,000.00 like the real car, rest assured that its toy collector value will grow exponentially as the classic car community continues to hold the Big Mercedes Coupe of the Sixties in high esteem. Cheers!

  2. A very classic haul!!! I love old benzes! Congrats Bri! your're one lucky dude! :-)

    love 'em pics too! :-)

  3. Thank you Frank aka Technophobia! Your knowledge on oldschool rides is impeccable. I'll be bringing this cool Merc tomorrow at the swapmeet so you can check it out. The box I got from your house was a perfect fit.

    Thanks for identifying and giving us a concise history of this cool car.

    See you at the swapmeet!

  4. Hey Mike! thanks for noticing how nice the pics are :) I am actually trying to hone my skills in photography and looks like I have maximized the capabilities of my point and shoot camera. I am just choosing now between the latest release Nikon D5000 and the trusty Nikon D90.

    I am a little lucky in diecast hunting because all the stuff I want are here in Japan. Thanks to Japanese collectors for saving these beautiful tin model.

    See you swapmeet Mike.

  5. Brian, tnx for posting this old beauty ! I love old Mercedes Benz toys, they have a special flare :) Tin toys are definitely a collectors items and your find looks like brand new, lovely piece ! Take care of it.

    Say hi to Technophobia! in my name :) He must be a true expert :)))

    I like the swap meets idea, how many of them do you have per year ??

    Have a great swap meet day my fellow collectors!

    Warm regards,

  6. Hey Biggie! good to know you liked this Benz. It looks brandnew maybe because it was stored properly here in Japan.

    Regarding swapmeets, we usually have one meet every other month. All collectors in the Metro Manila area would gather have a good time.

    Frank aka technophobia reads this blog so for sure he can see your message.

    Take care Biggie, soon I'll post a diecast together with a real Benz car.

  7. This benz from Ichiko are real gem! Nice haul Brian! and thanks for sharing.

  8. oozing with old toy charm! Congrats on this wonderful German car done in Japan :-)

  9. Thanks Daniel! more in the pipeline!

  10. Hey Erwin, I got a few VW Tintoys and a lot of mint tintoys from Japan courtesy of Frank aka Technophobia. I can't update my blog because I sold my trusty old camera.

    A better camera is on it's way to Manila on Saturday.

    Better pics in the offing!

  11. wow, what an exceptional find. In perfect condition, I love it!

    cheers from,