Monday, October 26, 2009

Diapet Mini Cooper and a Rover Mini Cooper, 1:35 scale, Made in Japan

For the past few months, I've been going around all the camera shops in Manila and Japan, checking out the latest reviews on what camera to buy, checking out the pros and cons of each brand and I finally decided on one brand.  A Nikon.  Then the myriad of models to choose from and after perusing all the details that can match my very limited knowledge on self taught photography, I  finally bought a Nikon D90 kit with a 105mm lens.  I already sold my trusty old camera and now I miss it, macro photography with my point and shoot was perfect and with the zoom lens I cant do it.  This month the first order on my to do list is buy a macro lens for my diecast photo session, a Crumpler bag and enroll in a photography class in the Metro.

I brought these cool Diapets here in Japan for a nice outdoor shoot but i was greeted with a rain.  The whole day was windy so I just stayed in bed the whole day while waiting for the weather to calm down. It did not relent.    I hope you guys can forgive my indoor shoot and as soon as the  weather clears, a re shoot is in the order.

Thanks for always visiting my site and  i hope you tell your friends about my tiny site on the web.

Brian Vespa


  1. Congrats on your new htf vintage minis Bri! :-)

    and congrats even more for your new super nice D90! great choice because did you know that the video capabilities of your digicam is comparable already to the broadcast quality videos used by video makers. Yes you can see some sample of how great the video capabilities is when we launch this years christmas station ID music video. :-)

    keep shooting! :-)

  2. Thanks Mike! These are my very first Diapet Mini Coopers, I have lots of Mini Dandys and I feel that these Coopers are special since these Diapet Coopers may seem identical but these are totally different casting. The Rover has flared fenders while the Mini has none. The Mini has side mirrors while the rover has none. Even the headlights are different and so are the tail lights. I hope to bag more soon.

    Thanks also for the D90 comment, It took me along time to decide which camre to buy but looks like I made a good decision. I just bought a bnew Lowepro Flipside 200 to make sure my camera is well armoured when I travel.

    I'll wait for the next ABS-CBN Station ID soon. Looks like your station is goin hi-def!

    See you soon Mike!

  3. nice photo! the pictures looks sharp and rich, congrats on your new camera and this 2 VTF mini coopers!!

  4. Thanks Daniel for always visiting my site :) I love those 2 mint Coopers and they are surely keepers..

    More photos soon as I get back in MNL on the 7th.

  5. Hi, nice Diapet... I have these Mini too and they are racing version with decals.

  6. These are my only Diapet Minis and I hope to bag a few more soon :) I hiope to see you post your Diapets in your blog soon.

  7. nice photo, and of course nice diapet mini, too! is it difficult to find these diapet mini in japan?