Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zaugg-Modelle Serie Empire Dodge Challenger 1970

Lately i've been busy with restoring my real Vespas and my time with diecast has seen a drastic change.  Most of my funds are now diverted to the expensive restoration of my two rides.  However my thinking have changed when I saw this beautiful and rare hand built Dodge Challenger Convertible.  If I am not mistaken this American car diecast was hand built in Switzerland, bought in Japan and is now in the Philippines.

Just like my other post, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here's my update on my Vespa restoration

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  1. Hello brian, I seen your post at dcph 'bout the challenger and wondering what is on that box... really a precious yellow dodge....

    BTW, are those two muscle cars are yours as well??? It is nice, love it....hope you can post some photo's of them here......

  2. familiar place on your Vespa Bri, doon ba restoration nya,

  3. Mervin, the muscle cars ain't mine but rest assured the Radio Flyer bike and the Vespa is mine. I hope that the Vespa will be done soon.

  4. Resti, yes you got it right, the man who owns these muscle cars is the one restoring my Vespa.

  5. DIECAST JAPAN is now in Facebook! hope you guys can check me out there. No photos yet but I'll be adding more soon!

    See you there and i hope you can like the page soon!


  6. Hi Brian ,

    You really are the right person when i brought my new bike & i know who to ask.

    Is a such a nice bike & also the 70's Dodge Challanger in "Yellow".