Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vespa's new project Vespa PX

I haven't updated the blog for the past few weeks because I am busy with my first love, the Piaggio VESPA!   I already have a couple Italian scooters at home but I was lucky enough to get a sort of barn find in the city.  I got two pre loved Italian Vespas and I saved them from oblivion.  The original owner bought a pair of VESPAs and decided after a few years that they don't want it anymore.  The Vespas were untouched for almost a decade and I brought them home to my house.

These Vespas are gonna go to some serious restoration and I think am gonna spend around US$1,000 each to make em look brand new.  I'll be flying to Singapore next week and I'll be visiting Tong Aik Vespa shop there to buy all the parts needed for the restoration.  One Vespa is already running and the other one will be running soon.

This is my Blue Vespa and it was fixed yesterday by my mechanic Joseph aka ProjectV

The barn find VESPAs
My Mod themed Vespa
 My barn find Vespa


  1. nice Vespas Brian, real ones. congrats!

  2. Thanks Resti! I did buy a few Japan made diecast last month in Japan and I'll be posting them soon. I got some Tomica Excellents and a MB Minichamps 300 SEL Nurburgring runner.

  3. wow I guess your hauls are all great. what car is the tomica excellent? and the Mercedes must be very good looking too!!!

  4. wow, this is really cool.....congrats....

  5. Resti, the EXCELLENTS are Lancer IV.

    Thanks Mervin!

  6. nice vintage 1:1 rides! Congrats on the finds!

  7. Thanks Erwin! I've been riding around town with this beat up Vespa and I get stares from people. I got a Momo helmet, Dainese gloves and here I am riding with a beat up scoot.

    I almost forgot how fun it is to ride these bikes. Looks like I am back.

  8. Hi Brian ,

    Can't wait to see your end product & is a very unique shape & never born to see it.

    Keep it up.


  9. cool vespa. the full restoration will result a very catchy attention.

  10. Kin, end product will be up soon. Will update often.

    Thanks Daniel! it will be a head turner soon!