Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minichamps Merc 300SE 6.3 and my Vespa project update

I've been so busy lately with my real Vespa project and sourcing parts, bits and pieces are eating up a lot of my free time.  however I had a few free moments with my toys so I shot a few of my latest acquisitions.

The most beautiful Merc for me.

And this is what is keeping me very busy

 before pics



  1. Hi Brian ,

    It been a long time never hear from you & hope you are doing great.

    " Powerfull monster Mercedes touring car in the 80s & superb dedication on your Vespa.

    Are you in Japan or back to Philipines ?



  2. Thanks Kin! My Vespa is now finished and is home. I've been ridng the Vespa for the past few days.

  3. I was lucky to have him in my hands and is a model, Minichamps has one of his best work in this Mercedes.
    Great job with the Vespa! i can see a serious restoration in process!

  4. Thanks caboReyes! This Merc is the best by Minichamps.

  5. Salamat Komenda! I know you love classic real rides too. Oldschool forever!