Thursday, November 18, 2010

Showa Volkswagen Beetle and a :40 scale friction VW

The original toy with original box, photo taken from the web.

Hello my cyber friends!  I've been busy the past few week hunting for vintage stuff and i bagged a few from Tokyo.  Those hauls are another story and I'll start with my vintage  VW tin toy.

I got these tin toys  last year and I never had the chance to photograph them because they went straight to my showcase.  It was a gift from Technophobia last Christmas 2009.  I believe these toys were his for a very long time and he gave them to me to add to my growing vintage collection.

I'd love to tell more stories about these awesome vintage toys but for now I'll let the toys do the talking.  I hope you guys like it the way I love them.

Viva vintage!

Blue  VW tin toy in 1:40 scale, still in very good condition.

Comments are always welcome and I am still looking for info regarding the small 1:40 scale friction tin toy.


  1. Thanks Saruman! nice to know you liked them.

  2. Hi Brian ,

    sexy softtop for this gorgeous VW Beetle.



  3. extra cool vintage cabrio! I want one :-)

  4. Very amazing (really super), congratulations. Greetings.

  5. if the same interest in miniature Vespa created by hand just look at