Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ferrari Pininfarina Mythos. Hand built. White metal. 43 scale


Every serious collector I know  have  at least one Ferrari die-cast.  Ferrari die-casts are always in demand all over the world from little kids to adult collectors like us.  Some have hundreds of tiny Hotwheels and some have dozens of Kyoshos and BBRs.  I've got a few Ferrari BBRs in 43 scale and a few Kyoshos in 18 scale, a few other eclectic mix of 43 scale Ferraris.  If I have to let go all my Ferraris and only choose one, I'll be keeping this baby.

My 25th Anniversary Diapet Yonezawa Ferrari Mythos.  This model does not come in a fancy box, just a carton and two pieces of hand cut styro to keep it from moving in the box.  The model itself has no opening part, no suspension, no fancy paint and the craftsmanship is  akin to a diecast made from the 1950s. 

Why do I like it so much?  I really can't explain it but maybe because I know that a real person has painstakingly detailed this die-cast by hand.  Maybe because I like the way it feels when I hold it, knowing it is made from a solid block of white metal.  The Ferrari Pininfarina Mythos ain't even popular and maybe even unknown to some.  I like it maybe because I know that very few people would appreciate it and I am the only one crazy enough to buy it.

Well, enough of my story and here is my low tech Ferrari.

Hope you guys like it.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Salamat Po!

Thank you!

Below in the box are the two uninstalled wings.

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  1. nice Ferrari Mythos.
    i believe this models are hard to find these days.
    nice collection!

  2. It surely is a keeper, nice shots Bri!

  3. red is always for the Ferrari, this is really a lovely car....

  4. Thanks Danielh! It really is a nice Ferrari.

  5. Thanks Jovet! I need more practice to shoot better.

  6. Mervin, you got it right! red is definitely a Ferrari color.

  7. Thanks Ricardo! a nice casting indeed.

  8. I don’t blame you for liking that Mythos that much!
    I was able to see and hold this baby in one of DCPH swapmeet in Ortigas Depot. I think the seller’s name is Alek. That Mythos is indeed an uber charming model, and it has the weight and feel of a vintage diecast. Amazing! I nearly fainted though when I learnt of the asking price!
    Congrats :-0 Brian!

  9. Hmmm, I think that is one of pearls from Brunei's Garage. Excellent Brian! Greetings from Poland :)

  10. Hi Brian,

    1st scene to this Ferrari model.Although it is small but "attractive".



  11. Thanks Komenda! I've been back buying diecast again and I need to sell some soon in DCPH.

    Hope to bump into you soon.

  12. Thanks Marcjan! You got it right, the Sultan has 2 working examples of this car.