Sunday, August 29, 2010

Handbuilt Kawabatakikaku J43 Toyota Crown

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I've always been a fan of these hand built J43 models from Japan.  I looking at them because of its beauty knowing that these diecast are works of art.  This model was hand built in Japan and it does carry a premium price for a 1:43 model.  I do have some BBRs and the detail of these cars are awesome but the sparse detailing of this Kawabatakikaku makes it more special.  Sometimes less is more.  One more thing I love about this model is the weight, for me it seems to weigh as much as a small 1:18 cars with the weight packed in such a small scale.  The only plastic component in the construction is the windshield.  The rubber too is the other non metal component of the car.

My cyber friends, check out my J-43 Kawabatakikaku Toyota Crown.

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  1. Brings back memories! These T-Crowns used to roam our streets. Cool choice!

  2. Thanks Komenda! Toyota Crowns are the best!

  3. Hi Brian,

    Toyota's highest ranking limosine at the time.

    " Good Collection ".


  4. very detailed toyota crown! feel like wanna hold it in my hand.Only the keepers knows how's the feeling of owning such a beauty!

  5. Thanks KIN! The Crowns really were the limo of their time.

  6. Danielh, you'll find one soon in your country and if you do, grab the opportunity.

    Thanks for the nice comments as always.

  7. simply superb details for such a scale, congrats Brian, this one is a keeper!! :-)

  8. Thanks Mike! Soon to be posted is a white metal hand built Ferrari!

  9. Hi Brian! This reminds me of some of the used car dealerships in Orange County where they sell the latest models of Toyota. I just wonder if there are miniatures of Camry and Avalon already in the market. Used cars in Anaheim are good deals too, I think. By the way, it's really cool that that hand-built Kawabatakikaku J43's trim are just like the actual. Thanks for sharing your collections.