Monday, September 27, 2010

My Singapore Formula One 2010 Experience

I've been dreaming of one day going to Europe and watch the Formula one live in the stands with the legendary Michael Schumacher on the podium and raising his trophy.  That dream was from the recent past and no longer a dream.  Ferrari won but not under the wings of MSC but from a great Spanish driver Fernando Alonso.  The race was not even in Europe but in beautiful Singapore.

My dream became reality when I saw MSC,  Webber, Alonso, Kubica, Massa and Hamilton racing past each other  three meters away from where I was standing.

I've always wondered how it feels to be in the stands cheering the drivers as they blaze through   and see them blur away with the heavenly aural symphony of their F1 engines roaring past me.

Here are some of the pictures I took and I hope you like them.

I think I am now in love with F1!

More pics soon!


  1. Yup, F1 is great! I've been in love with it since 1995 when I can see the race on the road track in Adeliade (just like Singapore) from the house of my friend there! But pity 1995 was the last race in Adelaide before they move the race to Melbourne. And I've been to Sepang F1 every year except this year...

  2. Hi Brian,

    Congratulation on your trip tp "Singapore nite race".
    I also haven't watch it in live although we just walking distance from Johor ,Malaysia.
    I 'm glad that you enjoy & took some baeutiful pictures to share with us.You are such a good guy.

    I love all the pictures you took.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. thrilling F1 experience, sights and sounds of the F1 engines..and the chance to get near to some drivers!

    loves to be there, nice pictures Brian.

  4. It´s very difficult to take a photo in a urban circuit. It´s the same as Valencia.

  5. Saruman, I think I've been bitten by the F1 bug and next year I'll visit Melbourne to watch Formula One. My brother lives there. I'll plan ahead for that race.

    Thanks Saruman!

  6. Thanks Kin for following my stories here. I enjoyed my Singapore trip and It was a blast!

    F1 was really fun.

  7. Thanks Daniel! it was indeed a thrilling F1 experience.

  8. it was hard to take photos because everybody was jockeying for a good spot to take photos. I did enjoy the race as well as taking photos. Photograpy, Vespas and diecast are my 3 hobbies and I enjoy them all.

  9. GoGo Tomica, I just landed in Manila an hour ago and just chilling and checking out more photos from my hard drive.

    I love Singapore!

  10. First time to Singapore or X times already? Found nothing on vintage in Singapore right? Did you go China Square on Sunday? I was there.

  11. Gogo, I was in SIN for only 2 days to see the F1 race. I did not go to China Square and I've been to SIN numerous times in the past 12 years.