Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vintage Formula 1 by Eidai Grip, Tyrell Ford 6 Wheeler

I've been eyeing this rare diecast in mint condition and my search for my very first big scale retro diecast in Formula 1 has finally been found.  This example is a big at 1:28 scale and heavy because of the 95 percent metal construction.  I found  this beautiful Eidai grip in Tokyo and after thinking for 5 minutes, I told the salesperson to bag it!  The opportunity to own this beautiful rare diecast may never cross my path again so i decided to bring this specimen home in Manila.

I hope you guys like it!  Comments and queries are always welcome!

                                                                    vintage look


thanks for viewing!


  1. Brian thanks for your interest. Your Tyrell is really cool.

  2. Hi Brian! Thanks for visit in Minipassion. I also have P34, but mine is from RBA Collectibles. Here's link:

  3. I never like F1 cars but I actually did love this 6 wheelers and I have a few too.

  4. Thanks Mike! I hope to post more, getting lazy to take some pics :) thanks again!

  5. Thanks gogotomica! as long as it catches my fancy, vintage and mint in box, I'll grab it for my collection.

  6. nice find! these casting are still in very good condition other than worn off box packing.
    One of the must collect in formula 1 series,
    congrats brian!

  7. Thanks Daniel! a must have for F1 collectors.

  8. Hi Brian,

    The only 6 wheels model through out the F1 history.

    "You got yourself the rarest collection ever on F1 car".


    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Wow.. That's so awesome. How about watching the real Formula 1 race? There are affordable Formula 1 Holidays that you might wanna check out.