Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Opel Rekord 1900 Coupe by Dinky Toys

I've been hunting for some oldschool JDMs but these cars are getting scarce and while looking for them, I saw this very special Dinky toy in very good condition and even the case was in great shape.  No cracks, with literature inside and the car is beautiful.  I was wondering if this car was released in Manila and a SMS message to Technophobia confirmed that this car was sold in the Philippines.   I now remember that our neighbor Mang Juan had this car in rusty orange.  

This is a rare diecast in very good condition and this will be flying home with me to Manila in the coming days.  I love this casting and I am very glad to have one specimen going to my personal collection.

BTW I also bagged a VW Passat Estate Wagon variant by Schuco and an AE86 by Mtech.  

Let's go RETRO!

Thank you for always checking out my site and as always, comments and questions are very very welcome!  



  1. ohhhh yes!! you are one lucky dude Bri! that's one very nice opel! congrats! :-)

  2. Kudos on your latest haul, Brian! That Dinky Opel Rekord is truly beautiful!

    The Opel Rekord C series was locally assembled Yutivo & Sons and sold by Northern Motors Inc. (Luzon) and Southern Motors (Visayas & Mindanao) from 1966 thru 1971. The Rekord 1700 4door Sedan and Rekord 1700 "Caravan" 5door station wagon (1966-69) the Rekord 1900 4door sedan (1970-71) and the top-of-the-line Rekord 1900L hardtop coupe (1967-71) were the models available in the Philippine market.

    The Rekord C is memorable for me because my uncle had a '67 and a '70 1900L Coupe in a medium metallic blue (quite similar to the shade of your Dinky model), and I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE in a '69 Rekord 1700 Caravan station wagon with a 3speed column shift manual gearbox.

    Seeing the photos of your Dinky Rekord made me feel like a kid again! Cheers!

  3. This is one of the nicest Opel. I had a Winner Opel Rekord (imitation of Schuco) and its very nice. I also have the MTECH AE86, although made in Japan but quality doesn't say so.

  4. This is a very nice find, Brian! from what i've see on the pics, it's a very beautiful nice piece of casting! and it's quite rare too.

    Nice pictures, and i hope to see that VW Passat and AE86 soon!

  5. Nice score on old school German car :-)
    Interested to see the VW Passat!

  6. Congrats on another great catch Bri. I'm loving the oldies! =)

  7. Frank, I'll show this one to you in the coming days, I have 2 weeks off from work and maybe we can hang out.

  8. Gogo Tomica, I have the same AE8 but mine is the tuned version, I'll share photos soon. Do not expect great level of detail for a made in Japan Mtech because these diecast were made maybe 15 years ago. Mtech diecast at that time was one of the most detail savvy in 43 scale. That is what we get for buying decades old toys :)

  9. Daniel, pics are in the computer and will be up soon :)

  10. Komenda, Passat Variant is coming up soon!

  11. Jovet, start collecting oldies! it's fun and worth the hunt.

  12. Hi Brian,

    What nice & great Opel classic collection you have there & nice video too.
    After viewing the video , i think a moment why vintage car can perform rallying but modern car cannot ?



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