Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Corgi Ferraris, Made in Great Britain

I have always wanted to buy some vintage Ferraris but I seldom see them for sale here in Japan.  If ever I get to see them on display, the prices are astronomical and I just look the other way.   I have a few Corgis from the 70's and 80's but these Ferrari Corgis are the best in my lot.   If I  am not mistaken, these were made in the 60's and was still made in Great Britain.  I have a modest collections of Ferrari diecast from Bang, Brumm Auto Story, BBR, Make up models, Art models and Redline etc but these Corgis are my new favorite.   The real deal vintage diecast from the 60's.

I hope you guys like it the way I adore them.  Thanks for checking out my site!

Thanks!  Comments are always welcome!


  1. Hi Brian, does that cost you a bomb? By the way, I am just back from Japan and I will be going again in May. Where do you stay?

  2. wow!! i must say they are simple beautiful!!
    and pricey i might say!

    congrats Bri, awesome vintage italians you have!

  3. gogo Tomica, I usually stay in Narita. I ma still here in Japan but goin home tomorrow to MNL. I might swing by Singapore next month with my family for some R&R.

  4. Thanks Mike! these really are classic beauties and I have to say I got them at a good price. One Manila based collector decided to let go of his vintage toys and decided to concentrate on Hotwheels.

    I just got lucky on these finds.

  5. Thanks Mervin! I have a lot of vintage diecast on queue and they are already photographed. I just need time to upload them here in my blog. expect more cool cars soon!

    Thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate it.

  6. nice vintage ferrari collection! it's really nice to know that this can still be find in this part of the world.

    hope to see more of it.

  7. Brian, let me know if you are coming to Singapore. We can meet up if you like.

  8. Hi Brian,

    Great legendary classic Ferrari F1 car".