Friday, April 9, 2010

Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya , Japan

I've always been planning to go to the Toyota Automobile Museum but I always end up going to hobby shops.  Today I decided to take the MAGLEV train and take the journey to the best retro classic cars ever under one roof, the TAM.

I was expecting the TAM to be full of Land Cruisers, Corollas and everything Toyota but  I was wrong, it was full of very rare and very important cars of the world.    As my good friend Frank would say, I had a sensory overload of all things retro.  This magnificent museum not only houses the most beautiful cars but everything important in the age of the modern machine.

Scooters, toys, pedal cars, cameras, clothing, special cars, and even an iron was there on display.  Truly a peculiar mish mash of everything classic is housed under one roof.

If you guys are in Nagoya, Japan the TAM is a must visit.

I'll be sharing some pictures and maybe I can entice you guys to come visit Japan.

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  1. Very nice photos. Hispano Suiza is the best.

  2. great shots Bri! wish i could visit also, thanks for sharing your experience! :-)

  3. interesting museum brian... thank you for sharing.....

  4. Glad you were able to visit TAM. I've been twice & plan on visiting again. You summed it up nicely, " was full of very rare and very important cars of the world." Yes, it's a definate must see for anyone into cars and visiting Japan!

    Did you pick up any new toys from their shop?

  5. Thanks mervin! This is one cool place to visit.

  6. Thanks Toyotageek!

    The museum was fun but I was dissapointed with the MUSEUM SHOP, i was expecting to see some TAM Tomicas but there was none! All in the shop were common diecast and nothing of the fancy ones i like. Most of them are Wellys, TAM Shop exclusive pullbacks, some TLVs and some more common items you can find in any normal toy store.

    However, on my way back i bagged a very cool TLV-N Toyota Crown Ambulance :) That car will be my remembrance from TAM because I bought the item same day I visited.

    The only good thing is that now I know that my collection of TAM exclusive Tomicas are gonna be HTF sooner than later. Keep your TOMICA TAM Exclusives!

  7. thanks for sharing! and the pictures shown really interesting !

  8. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for bring us along to visit the museum in your Nagoya trips.

    Thanks again for sharing.