Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mercedes Benz 300SE by Revell

I got this cool 1:18 Revell from JDMike for a song and for that price, I can do anything on this cool ride and not feel guilty about it.  I have two sets of GMP mag wheels for 1:18s and I've been itching to install these shoes on my 18 scale cars.  The Ford Escort MK1 was a candidate since I have 5 Minichamps version but the wheels ain't a match, too big.  When this Merc arrived with tiny wheels and puny tires, I knew right away this was a good chance for a wheel swap.

I was just experimenting and I am not really expecting something nice to come out of it but honestly, I kinda liked the result, a FINTAIL BLING of sort,   a look more appropriate for an Impala than a Merc.

I know this ain't everybody's cup of tea but this my friend is my cup.


  1. i like this!! these benz looks cool!!

  2. where did you get those awesome rims??

  3. Hi Brian,
    This particular Mercedes model nowadays owned by rich people , celebrity , sportman and you.

    Not bad.Right? Bro.