Thursday, March 4, 2010

Call the Police!!!!

I am here in Japan on a trip and my wife asked me to look for a nice LV Papillon bag size 26 and being the good husband, i went out to seek that bag.  However, disaster struck because it rained a little bit and i took refuge in a small shop and UNKNOWINGLY it was a vintage die-cast shop.  I just perused at some toys and after 2 hours of hard rain( of course I have to stay indoors) I decided to buy a few toys for their kindness in letting me in their store for 2 hours.

I bought a few die-cast and unfortunately I never found the big LV flagship store in Sakae, Nagoya.  I got lost and never found my my way to the bag store......
Will she believe me? hahahahhahaha!  I better cross my fingers starting today.

Anyway here are some of the mint vintage stuff I got for my myself.  A big 1:28 Eidai Grip Porsche 930, a big Diapet 240Z, a Yonezawa Hi=Ace, a Dandy Hi-Ace, 2 Yonezawa Toyota Crowns, 2 Yonezawa Fairlady 240zand a lonely Mazda Police.

I love Japan Made die-cast!


Porsche 930 in 28 scale by EIDAI GRIP

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  1. Brian, you're fated by nature to pit-stop in this vintage die-cast shop, hehe.... and the next thing, you're the new keeper of nine police car!!

    nice find! and interesting stories.

  2. nice police cars....
    Suggest to change your alibi to your wife... hehehehe

  3. How much are they? in Tokyo? Please give me shop name as i going in March and May

  4. What a haul! Great Police stuff, and that Porsche is now on my wish list. You're making my list longer :-) Brian, by showing this :-)

    With this I just remembered...I do have a Tonka Porsche Japanese Police car stuffed in some box...somewhere.

  5. Nice finds!

    I hope your wife doesn't read your blog... LOL

  6. Thanks daniel!

    I am now the POLICE!

  7. Mervin, looks like I have to change my alibi :)

  8. Gogo Tomica, I got these in Nagoya. if you are going to hunt in Tokyo, heck out the blog of Toyotageek, i got my japan guide from his website.

  9. Komenda, i had two identical Porsche Police by Eidai Grip. One is now with FRANK aka Technophobia. Let me know if you want one. Maybe makakuha pa.

  10. Toyotageek, she will understand :) I hope hahahahah

  11. What a story but a good one!! Hope you get lost again! *pun intended* haha