Thursday, March 18, 2010

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 by Husky of Great Britain

I am always on the lookout for a cool vintage die-cast.   I seldom buy die-cast toys in Manila because the stuff I want are not available locally. 

I always scour the vintage stores in Japan and hope to find some treasures.  It might seem crazy but I always open the drawers of old cabinets in re-use stores in Tokyo and hoping to bag some die-cast.   I've been lucky twice with those magical drawers and the owners usually give it for a song.   

This beautiful and very rare Aston Martin DB5 by HUSKY was sourced locally in Manila.  I've been on the lookout for this item  but I know that this item would be very hard to find.  I do check EBAY once in a while and I get astounded every time I see this price on this Aston Martin.  A whooping $300!  I know this might be a rip off but getting this for a mere $5 for a loose and near mint condition will do.   I even got a gift from JDMike, an Aston Martin by Corgi.

Looks like Manila is gonna be hot for some vintage hunting.   It's open season now!



  1. wow! thats a nice pair Brian! :-)
    glad you liked the corgi db5, if i'm not mistaken, i have an other old db5, if only i could find it, will give you a call when I do. :-)

  2. Thanks Mike! soon am gonna post all the gifts i received from fellow collectors here in my blog.

    The stuff I got from you are the most important! rare, custom and very collectible.

  3. nice pair!! that openable roof top looks nice!
    congrats and it's a good collection!

  4. Thanks daniel! am on the lookout for the vintage 43 scale Corgi

  5. Wow Brian, u collect almost brand like me

  6. I have one of these, if anyone wants one!

  7. I have one of these, if anyone wants one!