Monday, November 28, 2011

Hot Japan Tomica Giftsets and a bike

I've been out the  blogging scene for a while but the collections are always piling up.  I'll keep the words to a minimum and let the cool photos do the talking.

I am into running and lately also into biking hence I have such limited time to blog.  This is my latest diecast, A STRIDA Sport Duo, a dual speed bike.


  1. i'm also a runner and biker (i collect japanese steel frame bicycles) and have just recently become aware of diecast cars still made in japan (Kawabatakikakus)... Where in the world do would I look for these?

  2. Check out Nakano Broadway in Tokyo and Kidsland in Nagoya. You'll find them there.

  3. cool blog! check mine at!

  4. Very nice pack! , and cool bike !

    greetings from Argentina!

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