Monday, March 28, 2011

The most exclusive Tomica Trueno InitialD

I was fortunate enough to purchase this book set which includes a lot of Initial D items. I'll keep the typing to the minimum and let the pics do the talking. This book was released in Japan 2001, ten years ago.  I bought the bookset sealed and I was surprised to see a Tomica Trueno, two figures, stickers and a postcard inside.  I was just expecting a rare InitialD book and the add ons were just a bonus.  Looks like the bonus was better than the actual book.

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 the rest of my Tomy InitialD collection
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  1. Wow! i like it!
    is it exclusive from tomica? i see the packing from Artwork limited Edition, you are lucky dude.

  2. It is an Artwork LTD ED and this Tomica Trueno is exclusive to this book set. The right side of the Trueno has a different marking to differentiate this Trueno from other Tomica InitialD.

    I bought 2 sets and I kept one. This was originally released in 2001 and was just fortunate enough to be able to grab 2 copies.

  3. I meant the left side has a different tampo markings.