Thursday, June 17, 2010

Retro Vintage Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste 1800

I've been on the hunt for this cool diecast for 2 years now and I finally bagged it.  This casting is special to me because my father drove a yellow one in the early 80's.  I remember how h took good care of that car and he never let any of my brothers to drive it.  This was his personal car and the Toyota Crown was the family sedan.

Diapet Yonezawa was one of the very few diecast makers who made a casting of this rare gem.  I believe Hachete Fujinghano is gonna release a 1:43 model soon in Japan.  What I like about this casting is that it came from the same era as the car, the late 70's.

Enough talk and my dear friends, meet my Mitsubishi Celeste 1800.

Comments are always welcome!  Thank you friends from around the world!


  1. oh yes! that is one magnificent diecast, you really are lucky Brian! congrats! :-)

  2. Salamat Mike! I do get lucky and looks like I'll be busy cataloging a lot of vintage diecast in the coming days. I want to feature all my vintage Toyota Crown and it seems I have all the old models now.

    Gotta check 'em soon.

  3. lucky dude! nice vintage lancer, Brian.
    i like it!

  4. Thanks Daniel! This car is really cool.

  5. Hi Brian,

    Vintage + Classic = very classic & macho collection.


  6. I actually have the real deal. Rd with 2L turbo. Nice car. Also have 3 MS45 Toyota Crowns.