Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am finally back in Japan after a 20 day mini vacation in the US and in Manila.  February has been a very busy month for me because of my daughter's 5th bday celebration, our 7th year wedding anniversary, a week in the US and constant events and happenings in the month of LOVE :)

First thing i did back here in Japan was sleep.  I missed my bed here in my hotel and and kinda liked the solitude after 3 weeks of rumble and tumble in MNL.  After a 4 hour nap, I took my winter gear and headed straight to the vintage toy store.  I was keen on buying the Lambo Countach Eidai Grip but the color was yellow....and here I am buying a yellow Volswagen.

I saw this rare Volkswagen Golf and I immediately fell in love with it, i have a lot of Tomica Dandy VWs but I never had a chance to see a vintage Japan made VW Golf!  I remembered Komenda when I saw this cool VW.

I brought my point and shoot cam and here are some pics i took in the bathroom :)

I hope you guys like it!

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  1. Hey Brian, this is cool, I mean the Diapet Golf GTi, the front of the car looks really nice.

  2. Congratulations on your latest haul, Brian! That 1/28 Scale Diapet Golf is real sharp! Coincidentally, Eidai Grip also came out with a 1/28 scale first generation Golf in the very late seventies, If my memory serves me right, the Eidai/Grip Golf was available in yellow too.

    This appears to be the only Diapet model in 1/28 scale. While there are several 1/30 scale Diapets such as the Galants, the Cedrics, the Crowns, the Celsiors, the Land Cruisers, the Fairlady Zs and other popular Japanese vehicles (and of course there was the 1/25 scale Diapet Colt Mirage), I never knew that Diapet would come out with a 1/28 scale car, and a non-Japanese one, at that!

    I presume that Yonezawa's decision to render the VW Golf in 1/28 scale was brought about by the popularity of competitor Eidai/Grip's 1/28 scale cars, such as the first generation Fairlady Z, the Porsche 911/930 Turbo/935 Martini, the Lotus Esprit, the Celica Liftback, the Lancia Stratos, and other landmark rides. What we may never know for sure is which came first: the Diapet 1/28 Golf or the Eidai/Grip 1/28 Golf! But since Eidai Grip was out of the diecast modelcar business by 1983, the somewhat-large-scale diecast modelcar market was given back to Yonezawa on a silver platter.

    Truth be told, the nifty features and details, the hefty feel and the wonderful old-world charm of honest-to-goodness made-in-Japan classic and vintage toy cars that make them favorites of collectors worldwide! Kudos to you, Brian, for spreading the good news: JAPANESE OLD SCHOOL DIECAST MODELCARS ROCK THE PLANET! Cheers!

  3. wow! nice vw golf u got there! its sure is a catch!

  4. Thanks Gogo Tomica! This Diapet is really really nice

  5. Hey Frank! thanks for visiting the site and salamat for the brief background on Diapets and Eidai Grips.

    Both of us are vintage nuts and I enjoy hanging out at your place talking about everything vintage and classic.

    See you in a few days and I'll drop off your Merc Octopussy 007 Edition.

  6. nice find!! that yellow golf GTI looks cool!

  7. Hi Brian, totally awesome VW GTi by Diapet!
    I can't stop drooling, Now I need a new keyboard :-)
    That one is verrrrry high on my want list!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Daniel, this baby is indeed cool :) thanks for dropping by.

  9. Komenda, when I saw this VW i knew you'd like it. This VWs new residence will be Manila by tonight. I'll be hand carrying it home later.


  10. Thanks Prawnking! I saw your blog and I saw that you guys went to Tokyo Disneyland! Cool!

  11. Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!