Friday, December 11, 2009

Vintage Asahi Volkswagen Beetle in 1:43 scale, Made in Japan

A week ago I went diecast shopping and this very hot ASAHI VW 1302 Beetle was part of my haul in Japan.  The car is very mint, the box is superb and I was the first one who opened the package after many years of just staying inside the box.   This tiny 1:43 scale car is detailed with opening doors, boot and lid.  My fave part of this diecast are the wheels because the tires are emblazoned with the BRIDGESTONE logo.  Not painted but  actually embossed on the tires itself.

Everybody loves a Beetle and I know you guys would appreciate this little bug.

Pics taken again in Tokyo.


  1. Great find.... nice and rare Asahi... how much is it?

  2. i want one!!!! Nice catch! You're a lucky guy, Brian :-)

  3. great find!!!! very lucky!
    a very rare and nice detailed bug!

  4. Thanks gogowebshop Jedison! I got this baby for Y6000 (US$ 65)in Nagoya.

  5. Thanks Komenda! I actually have 2 and the other bug is orange and black combination with a red cross on the doors. Same ASAHI casting. i know you would love this bug.

    Komenda, in the coming days I'll share a very cool 1:18 Made in Japan 60's mint tintoyssss. :)

  6. Thanks Daniel!

    Next time I'll post a pic of the engine, it's chrome and the detailing is OK for an old 43 scale.