Saturday, November 28, 2009


A year ago, i was into a custom diecast and custom toy mode.  I always try to different and I want my collection to very unique that is why I commissioned the custom building of my ULTIMATE MEGATRON.  This build took a lot of man hours because of the complexity of the details.  I visited my modeler every few days to check on my DECEPTICON and I was very satisfied when I finally got it.

This used to be an ordinary plasticky TFTM Megatron and look at it now :)

My friends, meet my custom made battle damaged Decepticon, MEGATRON!


  1. Guys, i know this is not my typical made in Japan typical post but to break the monotony of my diecast collection, i posted soome of my unique custom items.

    If you liked my Megatron, you guys are gonna love my OPTIMUS PRIME!

  2. loves it! this is not work of a part timer or beginners and it's very creative!!

    Brian, i didn't knew that you're also good in this hobbies others than die cast collection.

    hope to see more!!

  3. Thanks Daniel! I knew as a custom builder you are gonna appreciate this beautiful TFTM Megatron. My friend actually tried also to scale the bullet hole damage on this model and he painstakingly labored to make this build as realistic as possible.

    Thank you! more to come soon!